Georgina in a chocolate bath wearing satin and leather.
Gorgeous Georgina bathes in chocolate wearing a killer satin top with tight leather skirt, tights and heels.

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Ania vs Nadia Pie Wars!
Ania wears her own cute lbd with tights and heels. Nadia wears classy office wear!

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Alice get off your phone!!
Alice wears a sexy silk blouse with cream skirt, tights and heels. Gets attacked by gunge and ends up in the bath.

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Nadia,satin and sweet food!
Nadia wears a fantastic satin black n white dress with tights and heels. Nadia covers herself with custard, toffee and chocolate.

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Lisa vs Shell in Pie Wars!!
These two have been friends for forever which makes this clip amazing! Both girls in formal dresses. Shell wearing stockings. Plenty for everyone!

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Future updates


163 hi-res photos
1 video clip

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